frank & sharon nemec

Sweet Rolls! Scones! Cookies! Specialty Breads! Deluxe Cupcakes! Gluten Free Cookies! Stop by for a yummy homemade treat!

mistee made

Mistee Gabel

lois senich

Lettuce! Microgreens! Healthy! Green! What a treat to see what they will bring next. All creatively grown in town.

Mistee makes small batch responsibly sourced soaps made with the best ingredients available. She uses therapeutic grade essential oils and the highest quality fragrance oils. She also has hand spun yarn!


Frank and Sharon bring garden produce of many kinds. They have been gardening for years, and their produce is impressive.

The Hietalas bring maple syrup, dill pickles, salsa, garden produce, flowers, vinegars, and berries. Some sewn, knit and quilted items.

 Bar Bell Bee Ranch is an apiary in Chippewa National Forest with bee yards in Itasca and Beltrami Counties. We produce wonderful tasting honey from alfalfa, clover, basswood, buckwheat, dandelions, sunflowers, and wildflowers of our area. We offer honey in containers from 2 oz up to 1 gallon in both raw and processed. Beeswax and honeycomb are also available. www.barbellbee.com  

Sue brings many types of garden produce and has some of the earliest items. Her flowers are stunning. She has fresh eggs and many varieties of tomatoes. She also has quick wit.

Lois Senich brings baked goods, garden produce, knit and sewn items, wisdom and humor to the market.

Rich and Patty supply CSA boxes to several weekly customers and sell fresh garden produce and canned goods.

Floodwood River Farm

Rob & Jill Hietala



Amy Cook


Ted & Tania Anderson

moo-neigh farm

Sue Gustafson

n cedar valley gardens

Rich & Patty Johnson